The fighting is over, but a large number of people are still displaced in Mosul. Nearly 100,000 families are living in camps since it is not yet safe for them to return to their homes. Nearly 75,000 others, many also in need of assistance, are still living in the city.

Throughout the conflict, the Iraqi Red Crescent Society was the first relief assistance provider to the people who were forced to flee their homes. Over 7,500 volunteers were involved in the relief operation. Teams worked in camps in Hassan Cham, Al-Khazer, Jamah Kor, Al-Jadah, Hamman Al-Alil and Haj Ali.

Overall, the Iraqi Red Crescent distributed 1,350,000 hot meals and almost 188,000 food baskets per month to vulnerable families. The Red Crescent’s electric bakeries made over 10 million loaves of bread. Water stations in the camps provided up to 600 thousand liters of water per day. Currently, over 85 water tanks are installed in and around Mosul to ensure families have safe water. In addition, psychosocial support teams have been providing assistance to those affected.

The Iraqi Red Crescent runs several medical centers in the camps, where trained volunteers provide medical services and first aid. More than a dozen ambulances and mobile clinics are at hand to help wounded and injured people.

The operation has so far helped more than a million people. Over 32,000 families have so far returned to their homes. With many people still waiting in camps before they can leave safely, the Iraqi Red Crescent will continue its work.