By Nichola Jones, IFRC

Thousands of people are coming to terms with the aftermath of a double earthquake in Kyrgyzstan damaged 1,000 homes.

Two tremors of magnitude 5.9 and 5.8 hit the Chong Alay district in Osh province, close to the Tajik border, in 48 hours from 3 May.

Teams from the Kyrgyzstan Red Crescent are currently on the ground in the worst-hit villages of  Karamyk, Jekendy, Kara-Teyit, Chuluk and Shibee where 8,000 people live. They have provided hundreds of tarpaulins for families forced to leave their homes and yurts, more than 2,500 blankets and more than 1,100 kitchen kits, jerry cans and buckets. Toiletries are also being provided.

President of  Kyrgyzstan Red Crescent Azamat Baialinov said: “Our volunteers are on the ground in communities, not only making sure people have the emergency supplies they need right now, but also the support they need as they start on the road to recovery.”

The earthquakes came just two weeks after a major landslide killed at least 24 people and destroyed homes in Ay village, also in the Osh region on 29 April. Kyrgyzstan Red Crescent teams helped to evacuated 85 people in the aftermath as well as providing water, kitchen kits, tarpaulins and blankets.

“Thousands of people have seen their homes either damaged and destroyed by natural disasters in the same province of the country in just three weeks,” Bayalinov added. “Many families have lost everything, including loved ones in some cases.”