Yohanna is a nurse at the Syrian Arab Red Crescent clinic in Shabas, which is supported by IFRC. She works in internal medicine, one of the busiest specialist services offered by the clinic. Many patients come with heart problems, hypertension and diabetes. Many patients find their health issues have been exacerbated by the crisis.

“I have been with SARC for two years. I do tests for patients, such as monitoring blood pressure. Here we are helping people who do not have anybody else to help them. Many people come here, this is a very busy clinic.”

“I remember one patient, she had no food, nothing, zero. So we helped her in other ways, not just medical help. We tried to find a solution, to find a place for her to live, a way for her to get help. There are many people who come to us who have very little.”


The Shabas clinic treats both local people and those displaced by the crisis. This SARC facility, supported by IFRC, has an internal disease clinic, paediatrics, gynaecology and a dental clinic. Some of the patients in this area experience high levels of poverty, so having access to free health treatment and medicine is vital.