Iran’s northern eastern province of Razavi Khorasan was struck by a strong earthquake early this morning. The quake, measured at up to 6.1 magnitude, struck at 10:39 local time, close to Fariman city, 76 kilometres from Mashhad, a major centre. About 17 aftershocks have been reported with magnitudes of between 4 and 4.7. Buildings collapsed or been severely damaged in the worst hit areas. The Red Crescent Society of the Islamic Republic of Iran has recorded the deaths of two people, with several others injured people by the tremors. 

Mr. Morteza Salimi, Head of Relief and Rescue Organisation of the Iranian Red Crescent Society has stated that the society immediately commenced relief and rescue emergency operations to assist people in the affected areas. Assessment teams together with eight operational teams have been dispatched, with two Red Crescent helicopters on the scene to transport the injured and ensure that rescue and relief teams can access the stricken area.

According to initial assessments by the Red Crescent, the four villages of Chalate-Menar, Chalate-Hajikar, Kharzar and Charmazar have suffered between 40 and 80 per cent damage. The villages are located Sefid Sang district, a remote and mountainous area home that is home to some 5,000 people.

Epicentre of quake

The Red Crescent has is managing their response from their emergency operations room at the society’s headquarters in Tehran, and is in constant contact with operational teams in the affected areas.

At present, the disaster situation has been deemed as within the capacity of local authorities, agencies and Iranian Red Crescent to manage without additional support. The Red Crescent is committed to continuing its emergency response as long as needs remain.


This article is adapted from the first information posted by the Red Crescent Society of the Islamic Republic of Iran on their website, within hours of the incident.