Thraal has worked as a paediatric nurse at the Syrian Arab Red Crescent Ghouta clinic in Homs for six years. She was originally a beauty consultant but retrained to follow her chosen career.

“I love my work with SARC. When I was younger I wanted to be a doctor. It wasn’t possible for me to study, so I worked for a beauty salon. Later I decided to make the change, I did some training and now I have this job. I love my career now.

“I remember a baby girl we were able to help. When she came in, she had high blood pressure. Her mother was very nervous about her condition. The doctor was able to prescribe some medicine and it made a great difference. It was good to see this, and her mother was so happy. It is good to see the difference we can make for people.”


The Ghouta clinic has existed since before the crisis. Then, most patients were Iraqi refugees. Now the majority are displaced Syrians from Old City and rural Homs. This SARC facility, supported by the IFRC, has two internal disease clinics, paediatrics, gynaecology and a dental clinic. The busiest are the two internal disease clinics, which are always full. Earlier in the crisis, this facility was the only place offering vaccinations in this area.