Like many Syrian refugees, Nazim, a father of four children, came to Jordan in 2013 looking for a safe place for his family. Due to their illness, Nazim and his wife can’t work, thus he depends fully on the Red Crescent cash transfer programme (CTP) and food coupons to support their family’s basic needs. The need manage their resources very carefully because they must also pay for essential medication.

Nevertheless, Nazim appreciates the support they receive from the Red Cross and Red Crescent, and has built good relations with their neighbours, all whom are Jordan.

Their four children, Ahmed (13), Khitam (11), and Abdel Aziz (8) go to the government schools in the neighbourhood. The children already dream of their future: Ahmed (5) wants to be a police officer, while his elder sister Khitam would like to be an English teacher.

The parents take care of their children’s health through regular visits to the general clinic where they pay only a minimum charge.

In winter, the family received a winterization support from Red Cross and Red Crescent and managed to get heater and warm clothes for the children.

In spite of their challenging life, this family have a positive perspective, even though their only financial is from the Red Cross and Red Crescent.