Yemen is considered as one of the poorest countries in the world and worsening conflict has left hospitals and health facilities across Yemen severely damaged. The recent cholera outbreak started in October 2016 and has so far resulted in 15,600 suspected cases and 99 suspected deaths.

In January 2017, Yemen Red Crescent Society kicked off an awareness raising campaign about cholera. In result, over 21,500 Yemenis received information about the prevention, symptoms and treatment of cholera. Yemen Red Crescent Society has also produced 10,000 leaflets about the prevention and treatment of cholera and distributed these to all of the governorates.

Yemen Red Crescent is providing clean drinking water for over 47,500 people in the at-risk-communities. Proper water and sanitation infrastructure, good food hygiene and oral vaccinations are essential for prevention of cholera.

The Yemen Red Cross Society is targetting the at-risk-communities in Aden, Ammran, Damar, Lahhaj, Sana’a, Sayoun, Shabwah and Taiz branches.