Micronesia Red Cross Society is preparing for the upcoming typhoon season by checking its stock of emergency relief Items. The Red Cross has a total of 5 disaster containers prepositioned across the states with enough emergency aid to help a total of 6,000 people.

The containers are used to store jerry cans, buckets, tarpaulins, shelter toolkits, blankets and hygiene kits which will be distributed to those who are most affected by a disaster.

Disaster Management Officer for Micronesia Red Cross Society, Morgan David, says that it is important to check the container regularly.

“We check them monthly, we air them out to make sure the items are still intact because this moist weather can attract termites damaging the items.”

Two years ago when Typhoon Maysak hit the states of Chuuk and Yap. The Red Cross responded by sending the contents of two containers in Pohnpei to the two affected states.

An anonymous donor who was moored in the harbour on his boat generously provided support.

“We asked him to help us transport the relief items. He said yes and no at the same time. He said no, you can’t use my ship but I’ll will give you my private jet,” Mr. Morgan says.

Typhoon season in Micronesia usually runs from November to June. Mr Morgan is urging people to be prepared.

“Each family can prepare themselves by getting all the right supplies together that could last for 2 days or so. Remember to pack any medication and important documents. It is important to tune in to your local radio station for weather forecasts and any public announcements as to what to do and where to go for shelter.

“Be prepared when you have the chance. It’s better to move before it’s unsafe. That way you’re not risking getting into trouble or risking the lives of other who would have to rescue you,” Mr David says.