Global Innovation Meeting – Doha, Qatar October 6th-8th 2019

What is it about?

The meeting aims to help Red Cross and Red Crescent people to;

  1. meet with and connect to other Red Cross and Red Crescent people working on Innovation around the network
  2. promote learning and collaboration on some key areas developing within the network, including digital transformation, innovative financing, social innovation approaches and others
  3. learn about innovation approaches, tools and ways of working

The meeting will have different agendas on the different days, you can attend one or all of the sessions depending on your interest; Day 1 – 6th October:  Focuses on how to drive innovation agendas within the National Society and exploring some models, approaches and initiatives in use across the network. (Only open to Red Cross and Red Crescent people) Day 2 – 7th October: Focusing on new initiatives that are innovative that are happening across the network and beyond (external innovation agencies and initiatives from around the MENA region and beyond will also be attending) Day 3 – 8th October:  Masterclasses on Innovation tools and techniques (only for Red Cross and Red Crescent people)

Who is it for?

The meeting is best suited to people who manage innovation, change, transformation, or who work on new or innovative approaches and projects, or for those who want to learn more about these things.  Different days of the meeting deal with different topics so you may just want to choose to join for some of the days. Please note that the meeting is free to attend however you will have to fund your own travel and accommodation


The meeting will be held entirely in English and unfortunately there are no translation services available.

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