Using the future to change the present

The Solferino Academy is a think tank and ‘do’ tank – that undertakes horizon scanning, trends analysis and futures exploration to help the Movement understand the future of vulnerability and risk and to develop strategies to enable change. We are working with both the Secretariat and National Societies in 190 countries to build an organizational structure and operating model that is relevant, agile and adaptive to these changes and is fit to meet the humanitarian needs of the future.

Solferino Academy Initiatives

The Solferino Academy utilizes a futures and foresight approach aiming to inject rigour, data, analysis and evidence that can help the organization understand trends that will impact its work into the future. This analysis is a way to help us think about the long-term issues and challenges associated with achieving a particular objective or to understand what a future operating environment may look like, and how we may need to respond.

The following participatory projects portray different ways of engage with the work the Solferino Academy has undertaken recently.

The Future Red Cross and Red Crescent

Join the Solferino Academy in a two-year journey exploring the future organization.

Experiential Futures Exhibition

Designers from all over the world curated stories about the future. Visit our digital museum.

Join a global research team

The Solferino Academy teamed up with the Futures Centre to undertake research and analysis. Receive training on Horizon Scannig.

A game about the future of humanitarian

Thousands of young people played WhatFutures, see the results.

Join a Global Team of Signal of Change Spotters

The IFRC is joining forces with the Futures Centre, a global community to track signals of change and accelerate sustainable action, powered by Forum for the Future.

What are ‘signals of change’?

“Signals of change are new ideas or innovations that could change the game for sustainability in the future. The change could come in ways that are positive, negative, or just complex! Wherever you look, signals are waiting to be spotted”. The Futures Centre



How does it work?

Get your Starter Pack

The Futures Centre has developed a simple guide to becoming a top signal spotter. Follow the stepts and get started!

Start Spotting Signals of Change

After completing going through the ‘starter kit’, your are ready to spot some signals of change.

Write and share them

Share your signals of change with the Futures Centre on FacebookTwitter, or website. Make sure to include the hashtags #RCRCFutures and #signalofchange.

Read what others have spotted

Your spotted signals of change will be available at the Futures Centre website and at Share them widely.

Do you have any questions?


Join the Future Red Cross Red Crescent

The world is changing rapidly. The way we live is also changing: how we interact, how we learn, how we feel. Every ten years, the Red Cross and Red Crescent Network has a chance to stop, reflect and look forward. This is a time for us to prepare ourselves...

Creating scenarios for better migration response in Europe

While 2016 saw a dramatic reduction in the number of migrants entering the EU via the western route from Turkey to Greece; the Central Mediterranean route to Italy became the most popular migration channel to Europe. Around 181,000 people arrived in Italy,...

What is the Solferino Academy?

The Solferino Academy is an initiative of the IFRC and its member National Societies that aims to help the Red Cross and Red Crescent network anticipate, understand, and adapt to trends and emerging issues. The Solferino Academy fosters engaged spaces and learning...

Why do we need the Solferino Academy?

The Red Cross and Red Crescent has a long history of innovation and continues to innovate in communities around the world. However, the pace and scope of change unfolding in the world is unprecedented and requires consistent agility and innovation. Anticipating future...

What can the solferino academy do for me?

Many National Societies already use Futures and Foresight approaches, particular forms of trend analysis and horizon scanning, or the use of data for anticipatory planning and action. By working with the Solferino Academy you can engage with the futures and foresight...


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