Out of 11.5 million Red Cross and Red Crescent volunteers around the world, half of them are youth. Youth plays a crucial role in National Societies implementing programs and standing on the frontline when a crisis occurs. However, from time to time, their stories remain untold. The role of young people in National Societies is changing; they want to act faster and reach further. A group of energetic young volunteers in central Kenya decided to take actions and self-organize to tell their stories uniquely while testing new approaches to tackle their day-to-day challenges.

Kenya Red Cross (KRCS) Youth Chronicles started from the idea of giving youth the chance to tell their stories in their own words. The idea evolved rapidly as more volunteers proposed stories they wanted to show and issues they wanted to address. Together, they self-organized to create a monthly magazine that collects their stories and creations. A group of volunteers with graphic design and journalism skills took the editing and production lead; they are called the iVolunteer Crew.

The magazine is an engaging way to highlight youth efforts in the region, appraise distinguished members, present opportunities nationally and abroad, and give a space to showcase internal campaigns and attract potential customers. Also, the KRCS Chronicles provide a space to foster innovative ideas. Each publication has a column focused on innovation ideas or projects that aim to ignite discussion on emerging humanitarian issues, for instance hindering drought in Kenya.

The publications are shared through social networks, mainly WhatsApp and Facebook. After the first two editions, the periodical has echoed to other branches and regions that want to participate in their stories. Lastly, KRCS Chronicles allows youth to share insights on what has worked well or not in their programs and encourage others to collaborate or try their approaches in their ongoing projects.

Download their different editions.

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