The Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre strives to use creative and unusual learning tools for impact. In the last couple years, they have explored a “tasty” way to raise awareness on climate issues, especially regarding food security. The Taste of Change experience aims to provoke discussions and reflections on different ways to address food-security climate-related matters.

During the Business for Social Responsibility conference in New York, titled “Be Bold.” An audience of two hundred business professionals expected to hear the RCRC Climate Centre’s perspective on resilience. They wanted to learn about trends in the development and climate world and how they could apply them to their companies. What happened next staggered everyone.

World-class chef Pier Thiam was cooking on stage while Dr. Pablo Suárez, Associate Director for Research and Innovation, played a game with the audience. The game helped the audience understand that insect protein can be as healthy as animal protein but with outstanding environmental benefits in addition to the ethical aspects of production. The audience went on stage to savour a complete insect cuisine cooked entirely with insects.

Video from the Business for Social Responsibility conference in New York

It just took less than an hour for the audience to shift part of their hearts and minds. The session helped them to step away from the social taught aversion of eating insects and start thinking of sustainable sources of protein. Since 2015, the RCRC Climate Centre has used this interactive experiences to engage different stakeholders in creating environmental impact. The last “Taste of Change” happened during the Red Cross Red Crescent Statutory Meetings.

After being part of the experience, are policy-makers more likely to push for support for small-scale insect farming? Will people be more open to trying alternative sources of protein? In fact, it is already happening. This year the EU ruled to allow insects on menus.

The Climate Centre is further analyzing the Taste the Change experiences to see how they can contribute to a sea change in how we think and feel about the possibilities of sustainable protein available to us. Read the original story here.

Dr. Jemilah Mahmood, IFRC Undersecretary General: Partnerships tried ‘The Taste of Change’ at the 2017 Red Cross Red Crescent Statutory meetings

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