Kit Elmes (2017), IFRC Global Innovation Pioneer 

Finding a balance between happiness and hard work towards life goals can be one of the most challenging tasks of everyday life.To begin with, you should be in the right state of mind and health conditions to at least try to fulfil that duty.

When I joined the British Red Cross as a volunteer, I couldn’t have anticipated the positive effect it would have on my life. Due to this, I felt compelled to share my enthusiasm for volunteer work, and so being selected to perform a “Ted Talk,” was an ample opportunity.

It was a truly daunting experience.  I was due to speak in the late afternoon, which meant I had felt multiple surges of adrenaline before even stepping on stage. I won’t lie and say I was well-practiced or well-prepared, but sometimes it is better to speak with real passion than concocted, rehearsed passion. Almost every other talk given that day was inspiring, meaning although there was a high standard set; there was an immense feeling of cohesion and unity echoed by the coinciding ideas shared.

I’ve been supported and congratulated by many from my Red Cross Red Crescent family, which I’m really grateful for, and hope that they can relate to it and understand my perspective. Sometimes it is hard to stay motivated and happy when life is repetitive, tiring and difficult; unpaid work puts you back on track. It’s ok to be volunteering for yourself as well as others, and we shouldn’t be afraid of admitting that.

Kit is one of the IFRC Global Innovation Pioneers. She is currently working for the British Red Cross.

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