Many National Societies already use Futures and Foresight approaches, particular forms of trend analysis and horizon scanning, or the use of data for anticipatory planning and action. By working with the Solferino Academy you can engage with the futures and foresight work of other National Societies, the IFRC secretariat and leading global external experts. We are keen to have collaboration on this work so that the wider network can benefit from the work of individual National Societies but also so that we can share resources and maximise our impact.

The Solferino Academy can also offer Futures workshops for National Societies. These are structured workshops led by expert facilitators, usually between 1-3 days that take National Societies through a range of Futurescaping tools and methods to help the National Society explore future trends, emerging issues and to think about organisational and other change and anticipatory planning.

The IFRC has developed a Global Horizon Scanning and Trends Analysis team in partnership with National Societies and universities if you are interested in joining or in hearing about the results of this work contact us.

The Solferino Academy can also help National Societies to build their own capacity to embed these approaches in strategic planning, programming and operations. Experienced coaches and trainers can support this process

Finally, the Solferino Academy produces a range of knowledge products such as trend analyses, expert webinars and forums on emerging issues, reports and videos that can help you understand and navigate the many shifting and changing trends.

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