A story from AID:Tech

In December 2015 AID:Tech, one of our key partners, teamed up with Irish Red Cross and Lebanese Red Cross experts to carry out two projects in Lebanon. AID:Tech’s objectives were to field test their technology in the most demanding conditions possible, focussing on Syrian war refugees living in camps and in the city of Tripoli in Nth. Lebanon. The humanitarian objectives were to ensure refugees received aid while preserving their dignity and humanity.

During the time in Lebanon, a survey of refugees and local Lebanese people took place, in an attempt to get behind the media headlines and the soundbite approach to learning what is really happening in this conflicted part of the world. The survey of refugees was carried out by six locally-based Lebanese academics who volunteered their services (for personal security reasons, they expressed their wish to remain anonymous). They interviewed displaced Syrians and local people from Tripoli over a period of five days in Tripoli, Aker Refugee Camp and Beirut.

With the collaboration of all the involved parties, the test was successful. 10,000 USD were donated to 100 Syrian Refugees families. All the 500 intelligent vouchers were redeemed in local Lebanon supermarkets. The test included 20 fraud vouchers on purpose, which all failed at Point-of-Sale. At the end of the day in only took 10 minutes to train cashers to understand this simple solution, all the process was monitored in real time by the Irish Red Cross and refugee families expressed great satisfaction.

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