After fleeing Myanmar for Bangladesh, Rehana doesn’t know how she will take care of her newborn and grieve for her son.

Bangladesh Red Crescent Society was admitted to the IFRC in 1973. In 2015, it counted 61,331 active volunteers (up from 2,000 in 2011).

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The road from Myanmar to Cox’s Bazar is lined with people who have set up make shift camps and shelters in the mud.

15 September 2017

Fatema Begum is all smiles after receiving medicine and advice on treating her sick baby, but before today it was a different story. “We were living in a very horrible situation and suffering with no one to look after us,” the mother of four says. “Until now no one has come to help us.”

8 September 2017

The Bangladesh Red Crescent Society has 1,200 volunteers on the ground helping in the five worst-affected districts, providing food, water and relief items to those most in need of support, including pregnant women, children, older people and those with a disability.

3 September 2017

Families in Bangladesh are starting to deal with the aftermath of the devastating floods that have affected millions.

28 August 2017

Beauty Beowa, 25, has lost all her livestock but her loved ones have survived record floods in Bangladesh.

22 August 2017

Every year, monsoon rains cause the Jamuna River to overflow, flooding villages in Sirajganj, Bangladesh and damaging or destroying homes and livelihoods across the district.

11 August 2017

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684-686 Sarak Bazar Road, Brahmanbaria, Bangladesh
(88) (02) 933 0188
(880) (2) 9352303/8311908
  • Chairman: Mr. Hafiz Ahmed MAZUMDAR
  • Vice-Chairman: Prof. Dr. MP. Habibe MILLAT
  • Treasurer: Advocate Tauhidur RAHMAN
  • Secretary General: Mr. Huq MOZHARUL
  • Deputy Secretary General: Mr. K. Jakaria KHALED
  • Director of Finance: Mr. MD Jahir UDDIN
  • Director Planning and Development Department: Mr. Md. Matiur RAHMAN
  • Director IR and Communication: Mr. M.A. HALIM
  • Director of Health: Mr. Sirajul Islam MOLLA
  • Director of Logistics: Mr. Md. Afsar UDDIN
  • Director for Training: Mr. M.A. HALIM
  • Director of Fundraising: Mr. Imam Zafor SIKDER
  • Director of Disaster Risk Management: Mr. Ekram Elahi CHOWDHURY
  • Director of Community Development: Mr. Nazmul Azam KHAN
  • Director of Unit (Branch) Affairs: Mr. Md. Nur Islam KHAN
  • In charge of Internal Audit: Mr. A.H.M. Mainul ISLAM
  • Director of Disaster Response: Mr. Md. Belai HOSSAIN
  • Director of Estates: Mr. K. F. RAHMAN
  • Director of Youth and Volunteers: Mr. Sikder Mokaddes AHMED
  • Assistant Director of RFL / Tracing Services: Mr. A. K. M. MOHSIN
  • Director (Operation) CPP: Mr. Khairul Anam KHAN