The excited chatter from the waiting crowd quiets down the moment the brightly-dressed performers take the stage. The subject of the play is nothing poetic or Shakespearian, but the audience is eager, understanding the gravity of the messages to be conveyed in the performance. The play will be about preparing for floods and landslides.

Bangladesh Red Crescent Society was admitted to the IFRC in 1973. In 2015, it counted 61,331 active volunteers (up from 2,000 in 2011).

Latest news from Bangladesh Red Crescent Society

Three weeks of non-stop heavy rain is triggering flash floods and landslides across parts of India, Bangladesh and Pakistan and causing widespread damage and destruction to homes and infrastructure. Red Cross teams are responding in the most affected areas.

11 July 2017

In December 2015, the Bangladesh Red Crescent Society and the IFRC decided to film the baseline study being carried out for a new complaints and response mechanism for community-based disaster risk reduction and water, sanitation and hygiene programmes …

4 July 2017

At least 75 people, most of them women and young children, have been reported dead after landslides triggered by days of severe rain swept down Chittagong Hills, just two weeks after Cyclone Mora battered the same region.

15 June 2017

When Cyclone Mora struck southwest Bangladesh at the end of May, the storm had a particularly devastating impact on the informal settlements in Cox’s Bazar, which are home to displaced people from Myanmar who fled violence in their homes in parts of northern Rakhine.

9 June 2017

Tropical Cyclone Mora made landfall early this morning along Bangladesh’s South West coastline between Cox’s Bazaar and the city of Chittagong.

30 May 2017

The Bangladesh Red Crescent Society (BDRCS) yesterday distributed a humanitarian cash grant to 2,300 households threatened by Cyclonic Storm Mora, then over the east-central Bay of Bengal and intensifying.

30 May 2017

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684-686 Sarak Bazar Road, Brahmanbaria, Bangladesh
(88) (02) 933 0188
(880) (2) 9352303/8311908
  • Chairman: Mr. Hafiz Ahmed MAZUMDAR
  • Vice-Chairman: Prof. Dr. MP. Habibe MILLAT
  • Treasurer: Advocate Tauhidur RAHMAN
  • Secretary General: Mr. Huq MOZHARUL
  • Deputy Secretary General: Mr. K. Jakaria KHALED
  • Director of Finance: Mr. MD Jahir UDDIN
  • Director Planning and Development Department: Mr. Md. Matiur RAHMAN
  • Director IR and Communication: Mr. M.A. HALIM
  • Director of Health: Mr. Sirajul Islam MOLLA
  • Director of Logistics: Mr. Md. Afsar UDDIN
  • Director for Training: Mr. M.A. HALIM
  • Director of Fundraising: Mr. Imam Zafor SIKDER
  • Director of Disaster Risk Management: Mr. Ekram Elahi CHOWDHURY
  • Director of Community Development: Mr. Nazmul Azam KHAN
  • Director of Unit (Branch) Affairs: Mr. Md. Nur Islam KHAN
  • In charge of Internal Audit: Mr. A.H.M. Mainul ISLAM
  • Director of Disaster Response: Mr. Md. Belai HOSSAIN
  • Director of Estates: Mr. K. F. RAHMAN
  • Director of Youth and Volunteers: Mr. Sikder Mokaddes AHMED
  • Assistant Director of RFL / Tracing Services: Mr. A. K. M. MOHSIN
  • Director (Operation) CPP: Mr. Khairul Anam KHAN