A deep carpet of mud unrolled, forcing its way through streets, houses and walls. It was violent and unrelenting. Braulio Villegas was at home with his wife, his two children, a brother, and other family members that night. They, like many others in the town, had to run from the flood.

The IFRC’s Americas Regional Office works in support of 35 National Red Cross. Through its Country Cluster Support Teams and its technical unit, it provides coordination, financial and technical support for disaster operations and longer term development programmes throughout the region.

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Peru, Piura, San Martin de Malinga. 2017-04-02Volunteer of the Peruvian Red Cross carries a child from the community of Malinga in a long journey from the shelter where he is living and his old house that was destroyed by the waters.Photo: Fernando Gandarillas / IFRC

This is San Martín de Malinga, a community in the Piura area of Peru, completely isolated from the city and commercial activities. Its roads have been destroyed.

9 April 2017
Perú, Huarmey.  Marzo 2017.
Andrés Medina, Voluntario de la Filial de Huarmey de Cruz Roja Peruana.
Fernando Gandarillas /  IFRC
Peru, Huarmey. March 2017.
Andrés Medina, Volunteer of the Huarmey branch of the Peruvian Red Cross.
Fernando Gandarillas / IFRC

Andres Medina works with his fellow staff and volunteers to prepare an aid delivery for people affected by the recent floods in Peru. They know what’s needed, and where they’re going.

5 April 2017
Perú, Huarmey.  Marzo 2017.
Afectaciones por inundaciones y deslizamientos en Perú. Vista de calle de Huarmey, muchas de las cuales se encuentran hundidas en lodo, luego de las inundaciones y deslizamientos que han afectado la región.
Desde el mes de enero un evento llamado El Niño Costero afectó Perú, generando fuertes lluvias por encima de los valores normales para la época y ocasionando las peores inundaciones y deslizamientos en décadas.
Fernando Gandarillas /  IFRCPeru, Huarmey.  March 2017.
Affectations produced by flooding and landslides in Peru. View of a street in Huarmey, many of which are sunken in mud, after the floods and landslides that have affected the region.Since January an event called El Niño costero has affected Peru, generating heavy rains above normal values for the time and causing the worst floods and landslides in decades.Fernando Gandarillas /  IFRC

Consecutive days of heavy rain on top of an unusually heavy rainy season have caused the worst floods and landslides in Peru in decades, leaving hundreds of thousands of people in urgent need of assistance.

28 March 2017

Under an intense red sky, the city of Lima finishes its day and night draws in. As the city lights up, the temperature goes down and Viviana continues to classify the mountains of clothing that have been donated by citizens.

28 March 2017

Following the devastation of Haiti after Hurricane Matthew in October 2016, the Dominican Red Cross mobilized 29 of its staff with three water trucks and five water treatment plants.

21 March 2017


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