Since the beginning of 2017, the Red Crescent has provided medical treatment to about 350,000 people, with the support of the IFRC and its partners.

Somali Red Crescent Society was admitted to the IFRC in 1969. In 2015, it counted 8,206 active volunteers (up from 4,600 in 2012), of which 30% were male and 70% female.

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A combination of pervasive insecurity, combined with recurrent drought and chronic underdevelopment has left millions of Somalis in need of urgent and sustained humanitarian assistance.

6 March 2017
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ICRC, Dennis Pritt Road, Nairobi, Kenya
Tel: +254(20)713367
Fax: (254) 20 27 15598
  • President: Mr Yusuf Hassan MOHAMED
  • Vice-President: Gen. Abdi Nur Yuusuf AHMED
  • Secretary General: Vacant Position
  • Coordinator for South Central and Puntland, Mogadishu: Mr Mohamed Ahmed MOHAMED
  • Somaliland Coordinator, Hargeisa: Mr Ahmed Abdi BAKEL
  • Director of Organizational Development and Communication: Mr Abdulkadir Ibrahim “Afi” HAJI
  • Somaliland Head of Finance, Hargeisa: Mrs Faisa Hassan YOUSUF
  • Head of Finance South Central and Puntland, Mogadishu: Mr Bille Siad SAMATAR
  • Focal Point FDRS: Mr Abdulkadir Ibrahim “Afi” HAJI