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Recent updates

Innovations for Resilience convening

A Resilience Convening hosted by WFP, UNDP, the Global Resilience Partnership, and the IFRC took place 20-21 November 2017 in Munich, Germany at the WFP Innovation Accelerator. Innovations that were presented included:

  1. BANGLADESH and ETHIOPIA | Roads to the Rescue (GRP)
  2. ALGERIA | Hydro Sahrawi (WFP)
  3. NEW ZEALAND | Business Preparedness Initiative (BPI) (IFRC)
  4. MALDIVES | Drones for improved disaster preparation and response (UNDP)
  5. CAMBODIA | Platforms for Real-time Information Systems (PRISM) (WFP)
  6. HORN OF AFRICA | Satellite Technologies, Innovative and Smart Financing for Food Security (SATISFy) (GRP)
  7. NEPAL | Community rebuilding app (UNDP)
  8. ZAMBIA | Maano Virtual Farmers Market (WFP)
  9. BANGLADESH and TOGO | Forecast-based Financing (FbF) (IFRC)

For more details see the following:

19th November 2017
Futures, foresight, and innovation within the Red Cross Red Crescent

The Red Cross Red Crescent recently hosted a important series of events on future scenarios and innovation during its 2017 statutory meetings in Antalya, Turkey.

These included the RC2 Forum which highlighted the following issues:

The IFRC also hosted a fantastic exhibit called ‘The Future is Now’ described in the video below:

The Future is Now

Jemilah Mahmood, IFRC Under Secretary General for Partnerships, walks us through the exhibition titled “The Future is Now”

Geplaatst door International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies op zondag 5 november 2017


9th November 2017
Safe Steps First Aid campaign announced in Asia Pacific

The Prudence Foundation, National Geographic, and the IFRC have announced ‘Safe Steps First Aid‘ as a regional initiative in Asia and the Pacific to train 200 million people in First Aid. For the IFRC this regional campaign is a contribution toward the global One Billion Coalition for Resilience goals.

For more details see the Safe Steps website and the press release from the Prudence Foundation.

9th September 2017
One Billion Coalition for Resilience Technology Workshop

Catapult Satellite Applications hosted a unique workshop on applying technology and innovation at scale for 1BC. During the first day delegates were split into four tables with different thematic areas including Civil Society, Business Resilience, Policy & Advocacy, and Operational Response. The participants explored these areas through three activities to:

  1. review aims and objectives for each thematic area in relation to community resilience and identify existing services as well as capability gaps
  2. look at how the aims of each thematic area could be supported through links to the other areas – e.g. through the sharing of critical information to support more informed decision making.
  3. identify the most critical links and services that are  required for each theme and begin creating a roadmap for a solution that was based on an understanding of the user needs, broader thematic context, and underlying technology capabilities.

The second day was an opportunity for application developers with existing services relevant to the
1BC initiative to present their ideas to a mixture of funders and experts to receive feedback on their
ideas, build connections, and solidify their place in the coalition.

For more details, see the summary report from the workshop.

6th October 2016
1BC announcement at RCRC International Conference

In November 2015, the One Billion Coalition for Resilience (1BC) was announced at the Red Cross Red Crescent International Conference held in Geneva. 58 RCRC national societies and governments pledged there to join 1BC.

See the following links for more detail on the:

19th November 2015
One Billion Coalition for Resilience announced at World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction

At the World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction (WCDRR) in March 2015,  the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) presented the One Billion Coalition for Resilience (1BC) as  a voluntary commitment toward the post-2015 disaster risk reduction and Sustainable Development Goals.

See the related story on the IFRC website for more details.

15th March 2015