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What is the One Billion Coalition for Resilience?

The One Billion Coalition for Resilience (1BC) is an unprecedented commitment from individuals, communities, organizations, business and governments to mobilize the potential of our collective networks, our ability to work at scale, and to coordinate our shared resources, working toward a world where people are safer, healthier and can thrive, even in the face of adversity.

Why do we need it?

Over the past decade, humanitarian need has grown at a staggering rate. The number of people who rely on humanitarian assistance has more than tripled while the cost of responding has increased six-fold. Every indication suggests that this growth will continue. Our answer cannot be more of the same. We need to change, to take a longer view, and to more effectively use our collective resources, if we are to truly strengthen resilience and ensure communities are better prepared for the threats they face. The 1BC asks communities and partners to do exactly this. It is nothing short of a global paradigm shift and is essential to meet our global commitments to sustainable development and disaster risk reduction.

Who’s onboard?

Demand for more effective collaboration and support for action at the community level is driving the momentum behind the 1BC. Leading organizations from both the aid and private sectors have taken up our call to action. During the World Economic Forum in January 2016, the heads of UNICEF, WFP and IFRC, along with the Rockefeller Foundation, and Zurich Insurance, called for a “paradigm shift” in the world’s approach to humanitarian assistance.

How does it work?

Ownership of the initiative lies with the people and communities taking action on their own behalf, and with partners and governments, businesses and research institutions committed to building community resilience. No one organization owns the 1BC. With every new member, the 1BC will become more effective, drawing from a larger pool of expertise, ideas and participants all working towards a common goal of improved resilience.

Enabling platforms

Operations platform

Map local risks, design local solutions and implement community initiatives to address the highest priority risks in their communities.

Helpnow – matching needs and resources

Zurich Resilience Measurement Tool

Business continuity initiative

Tools and services for small and medium sized enterprises to accelerate recovery time, forge more resilient supply chains, promote stronger linkages to government and communities and provide greater coverage of potential losses through insurance.

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Digital ecosystem

Connecting individuals, organizations, experts and governments to each other and 1BC online tools.

MUrgency app – iOS, Android (piloted for 1BC in Mexico)

Red Cross and Red Crescent First Aid and Hazard Apps

UNICEF U-Report platform

Civil Society Partnerships Platform

Connection and information sharing between 1BC partners within communities by increasing visibility, transparency, accountability and capacity, leading to more effective partnerships at the local level, providing important insight into the local networks and community structures that can support building resilience.

Advocacy platform

Enhances the capacity of communities and partners to speak out as one, increasing their influence on decision makers and opinion leaders.

Chair’s Summary from World Humanitarian Summit

Are you part of the One Billion Coalition?

The 1BC is an invitation to governments, aid organizations, the private sector, academia and community groups to collaborate on a new model, working alongside communities, and invest in initiatives and action to build resilience.

With every new member, the 1BC will become more effective, drawing from a larger pool of expertise, ideas and participants all working towards a common goal of improved resilience.